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Jul.29.2014 Sunbreaks // Jacket: Baracuta + Shirt: Gant + Hat: Polo Ralph Lauren + Shorts: J.Crew + Shoes: Quoddy // Photo: @ajragasa

Jul.28.2014 Afternoon walk. Happy Monday everyone // Shirt: Gant Rugger + Shorts: J.Crew + Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick + Shoes: Rancourt

Jul.28.2014 Capitol Hill Block Party Day 2 // Beat Connection

Jul.22.2014 Kiriko // Check out Kiriko’s (@KirikoMade) new website. Amazing stuff coming out of Portland, OR //

Jul.21.2014 Happy Monday // Cardigan & Shirt: Spellbound + Jeans: Resolute + Shoes: Alden

Jul.20.2014 Soggy Parka Weather // Parka: Battenwear + Jeans: Resolute + Shoes: New England Outerwear Co.

Jul.19.2014 Duck Head is Back // After a long hiatus, preppy Southern staple Duck Head is back with its first collection in years. After a much anticipated relaunch, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead for this brand // Check out: // Follow: @DuckHeadApparel