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Aug.28.2014 Who else is hyped that Fall is near? // Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren + Inspiration Material: Street Etiquette’s “The Black Ivy”

Aug.25.2014 Another Atlas Readers Pic // I’ll be periodically posting #AtlasReaders pics on my personal Instagram feed in order to better connect with my followers who also read Atlas // If you’re inclined, follow @AtlasMag for more frequent updates.

My favorite denim & footwear combo // Loafers: Alden 986 + Jeans: Resolute 710

Aug.22.2014 PSA: Atlas Magazine // A regram from my post today for @AtlasMag. Any of my followers also Atlas readers? Tag us with #AtlasReaders; let’s all connect!

Aug.22.2014 Friday ✔️ // Shirt: Gant Rugger + Tie & Belt: Kiel James Patrick + Shorts & Tie Bar: J.Crew

Aug.19.2014 Full-Kit Wanker // Shirt, Shorts & Hat: Polo Ralph Lauren + Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick + Shoes: Alden 984

Aug.16.2014 Ewing Dry Goods Specs Sling in action // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Outdoorsman