About US

Based in Dubai. We started off as a group of friends that had fun scouting the internet and the streets for odd things to use to decorate our bedrooms in 2014. 

Pictures and videos of our bedrooms went viral on social media a few times, and our friends asked us for help customizing their own bedrooms to "go viral". 

After those bedrooms were a success and seeing the smile our ideas put on peoples faces, and most importantly the shocker reactions we got when guests walked into bedrooms (which is the best part), we decided to build a website.

With the website built, we started designing and building our own products that matches our style. We thrive to give you the best experience decorating your personal space.

Enjoy our carefully curated catalogue! - The RG Team 

CONTACT US: ruggedgalleryteam@gmail.com 

** To guarantee maximum safety on this website, and to protect ourselves and our buyers we are only using PayPal as a payment gateway. Thank you for understanding.